Erase this word from your vocabulary


I can still remember the phone conversation which made possible I can still publish today: "Patrick, I have long ago deleted this word from my vocabulary. Since then, I've been more efficient, I've done more, and I'm more reliable. "

Just by saying it you let yourself and others know that you do not give it all. It does not imply a certain impression. It is much more tempting to postpone. That's why it's so treacherous.

When I want to write an article, I just write an article. If I do not write it, I do not write it. Dot. Trying to write it, it embarrasses a compromise that allows delay or incomplete effort.

I keep this advice. And it works. One word. Repeatedly pronounced. Still, I think it's bad enough. The first listening sounds innocent. But subconsciously weakens you by the fact that you are not acting at one hundred percent. What is the word?

Get rid of the word "try"

I know, it sounds pretty safe. "So I'm trying to do something. But if it fails, it was just an attempt, wasn´t it?"

I have long forgiven the announcement of exaggerated goals that I will try to do. I prefer to set easily reachable goals, which consists of fulfilling smaller tasks. No one says it will actually work out. But I'll do something for it. Whether it's an important e-mail, interview, text, or anything else.

It will affect your inner perception a lot. When I promise to do something, it is very difficult for me to leave. It's more that it pulls me to finish. Although how simple it sounds, it will do a lot.

Do not try, do it. It works.

And what do you think?